May 4, 2016

TV dashboards with chromecasts and dashing

I had some time, and we had some TV’s hanging on the wall wasting space. So I decided to create a dashboard that could put some useful information on these TV’s for everyone to see Previously we were utilising the chromecasts with Greenscreen, and it worked well, but had its issues (probably more related to the chromecasts, not the software) but we weren’t using it as a useful dashboard, more just to scroll through some website links and display the occasional funny gif Read more

November 19, 2014

command line utility to cast to chromecast

So just a quick one today, found an awesome command utility to be able to cast content to a chromecast! It does local content, content from the interwebs and can even stream torrents :O Kudos to old mate xat for this one Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it working from my raspberry pi yet :( Keep getting build errors when trying to install it via npm… I will update once I finally figure it out Read more