March 18, 2020

E-ink cryptocurrency ticker

I like the idea of e-ink. Ultra Low power, easily readable displays. Big fan. I also follow some cryptocurrency’s. So this project is a merge of these 2 things. It’s still a work in progress, as there a few bugs I need to sort out, and I need a nice looking case. But for now it was a fun project that does the thing well and I got to learn some image manipulation in python! Read more

March 24, 2019

Useful Commands - OpenSSL

openSSL is a very handy tool from the command line. Managing multiple sites and domains I almost use it everyday to do crypto relating things to websites - checking validity, preparing new CSRs, converting certificates to different formats for different operating systems. Here are some of those that I’ve used along the way Read .cer in plain text openssl x509 -in certificate.cer -text -noout convert from pkcs12 (windows format, with private key and cert) to pem (-nocerts for only priv key or -nokeys for only certs) openssl pkcs12 -in keystore. Read more

May 9, 2018

Cross compiling Litecoin Core

I’ve had a plan of being a good guy and contributing to the litecoin network by being a full node. I was able to do this when I got around to buying a raspberry pi 3B+ and a 2TB external hard drive. There isn’t many up-to-date guides out there on setting a full node up on a raspberry pi, but this one was the most recent, and worked every step of the way (with a few minor changes) - the school of litecoin Read more