April 19, 2017


I backed Ruuvi sometime late last year for a RuuviTag, a battery powered Bluetooth LE microcontroller with an onboard temperature and humidity sensor. As soon as I saw this project I had several ideas. And because I run openHAB at home, naturally, I’d want to collate this date into here for usage in my home automation system. I finally got it in the mail last week, and what surprised me was that they had teamed up the the guy who made espruino and had him port it to the Ruuvi! Read more

February 17, 2017

Node and systemd

For a while now I’ve had my dashboard combo tv and dashboard combo, which runs on dashing and dashkiosk, running in screen sessions. This , of course, is not very managable. If something breaks, you have to ssh in and then find the screen session, re-run the command. In comes systemd. This makes managing services easy! You are able to make anything a system managed service, being able to manage the service via the systemctl commands Read more

November 19, 2014

command line utility to cast to chromecast

So just a quick one today, found an awesome command utility to be able to cast content to a chromecast! It does local content, content from the interwebs and can even stream torrents :O https://github.com/xat/castnow Kudos to old mate xat for this one Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it working from my raspberry pi yet :( Keep getting build errors when trying to install it via npm… I will update once I finally figure it out Read more