September 3, 2016

Counter Strike and Pebble

Hey all, it’s been a while! I’ve been busy. Combining my enthusiasm to CS and the usefulness of a pebble watch to create you CSontheGO Being able to keep up to date with CS matches from your watch. I decided to do this because I: 1. wanted to Learn a php framework 2. Enjoy developing things in my spare time This project had to be split into 2 parts, the backend/data store, and the pebble watch. Read more

June 17, 2016

Fun with cPanel

Recently have had to set up a few cPanel servers, and here are some things I ran into while doing so. One isn’t necessarily cPanels fault, but it still took me a long time to find a work around for it :/ Key based login for SSH Common practice for most cloud provides these days is to give you a VM with password based authentication turned off. That’s cool with me as this is one of the first things I do anyway. Read more

April 13, 2016

PHP file upload to slack

So I don’t know why this one took me this long to find, but I spent a long time today trying to figure out why my PHP script wasn’t uploading my file I wanted to slack. I had the string to send to slack correct, but every time I tried I was getting a no_file_content error. I was using the, apparently now, old method of referencing a file for POST-back. That is $file = '@/path/to/file. Read more

April 6, 2016

Blacklist Checker

This is a nice little php script that you can run in the background via cron to constantly check your mail servers (or any server you have that deals with mail) and alert you via slack I know there are things out there like mxtoolbox that can do this for you, and include a larger list of blacklists, but I wanted something I could run on our own infrastructure that did what I wanted, and alerted me via slack (much cooler then email alerts). Read more