March 24, 2019

Useful Commands - OpenSSL

openSSL is a very handy tool from the command line. Managing multiple sites and domains I almost use it everyday to do crypto relating things to websites - checking validity, preparing new CSRs, converting certificates to different formats for different operating systems. Here are some of those that I’ve used along the way Read .cer in plain text openssl x509 -in certificate.cer -text -noout convert from pkcs12 (windows format, with private key and cert) to pem (-nocerts for only priv key or -nokeys for only certs) openssl pkcs12 -in keystore. Read more

June 21, 2018

Useful Commands - Image manipulation

I often work with images to go onto e-commerce sites, so getting them as small as possbile (file size wise) is what I aim for, for performance There are plenty of good, paid tools out there such as Kraken or ImageOptim and there are even some good, free (web based) tools you can use such as TinyPNG and Compressor but I was looking for something a I could add into my workflow (read automated and scriptable) Read more

April 16, 2018

Moving Magento

So I was asked to help finish moving a magento (1.9) installation to a new server the other day. To sum it up, it was not fun They had already moved the files and had everything installed and updated the database connection string, however it was still throwing an error. The plan was to set this site up on a subdomain, so we could test a few things, update some things and then go live on the new server Read more

January 5, 2017

C.H.I.P, flic and openhab

So I finally received my C.H.I.P, and over the break I purchased myself some flic bluetooth buttons with the plan of making some nice push buttons around the home to control openhab. This idea mostly came from usablity/speed of use of openhab. Having the dashboard in the middle of the house is a nice idea, but if you are in another room, without your phone there isn’t too much you can do without having to go to this dashboard to interact with openhab. Read more

October 26, 2016

Upgrading SD on the Raspberry Pi

I’ve been running my Raspberry Pi (V2) for almost a year and a half on a 16gb SD card, but because I run owncloud on the pi, I’ve been slowly running out of space. I know I can just add a usb drive or have owncloud store the data on an attached NAS or something, but I chose to just store everything on the SD card. Just so everything is in the one place. Read more